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Milky moon tonic

10 KD

  • “Moon” stands for beauty in Arabic. Adored, and attractive, the word is loving. The moon has its associations and here we have chosen herbs that are calming like the moon. The cooling, heat pacifying effect of sandalwood, rose, & palm water are a relief from  environmental stresses of the day. Toning & purifying through the astringent waters.  Tissue regenerating, heat pacifying pearl powder rich in enzymes and amino acids nourish skin while dietary sulfur is added to keep the ingredients fresh and active.  
  • Best for;
  • Reducing irritation and redness
  • Toning the skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • 100% Distilled 
  • NO water or alcohol added  
  • Directions: Spray on clean face before applying moisturizer
  • Ingredients: Bahraini green date palm hydrosol, Hawaiian sandalwood hydrosol, Turkish rose hydrosol, Moroccan rose hydrosol, dietary pure pearl powder, dietary organic sulfur MSM.